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We know an outstanding event starts with a great concept. Add to that the right entertainment, and your event can be elevated to another level.

Jerry Rose has the knowledge – along with valued relationships – to help secure cutting-edge entertainment that excites the senses, engages your guests and turns an event into an experience.

Jerry’s contacts with leading entertainers give him access to top-tier talent. Whether it is a lighthearted party for a Sweet 16, where a candy sculptor will be the ideal touch; or a celebrated musician for a formal gala. Jerry Rose offers entertainment options ranging from Broadway stars to Hip Hop and Rock legends, Top-10 bands and up-and-coming artists.

Behind the scenes, Jerry and his team of specialists oversee the process of securing exceptional entertainment options and manage the process seamlessly; from navigating the intricate details of contract negotiations and providing private security, to the artist’s personal requests, and special transportation requirements.

For Jerry Rose the right entertainment becomes the finishing touch to an outstanding event, completing the experience and creating a lasting memory.


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