Design for your home…

When you invite Jerry Rose into your home, two things happen: you begin a trusted relationship and you gain the vision of a true artist.

Sometimes the simplest change makes the biggest difference. Perhaps it’s with a more vibrant floral or by incorporating lush greenery or even changing a centerpiece. With ease and elegance, Jerry and his team will beautifully prepare your interior and exterior environments for every joyous holiday. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah parties take on a festive air, adorned for the occasion, enlivened with the natural beauty and colors of flowers and plants.

Jerry’s use of breathtaking flowers and plants and innovative design elements are integrated throughout your home, becoming an essential component of the setting, naturally.

… and your Garden

Whether you are looking for a distinctive new garden plan or to prepare your exterior spaces for the coming season, Jerry Rose is expert at turning your aspirations into reality.

Your courtyard, your garden, and all outdoor environments are a special part of the home you’ve created. You want them to be welcoming to family and friends both winter and summer.

Jerry Rose and his design team will customize and nurture a healthy, robust garden from modern to traditional to minimalist. They will incorporate which plants, materials, and colors appeal to you, creating exquisite planting combinations tailored specifically to your unique outdoor space. Marrying his love of plants, flowers, color, texture and form with his vast design knowledge, Jerry will create and maintain an inspired garden year round.

Welcome each season into your home.

Enjoying your home and garden during the spring and summer is delightful. To enjoy more of the same every year let Jerry Rose show you how to prepare your home and garden for the next growing season.