Wedding dreams come in all styles. Be it modern chic, rustic charm or vintage splendor, lavish or intimate, your wedding should express your vision and personal style.

You should feel confident that the designer you work with will translate your dream. Whether it’s in the grand tradition, a breezy beach setting or glamour destination, Jerry Rose will bring your very own love story to life and shape your day into a ritual that honors all your expectations.

From finding the ideal location to designing a lighting scheme, décor and entertainment, your event can be as opulent or understated as you like. Maybe you envision a ceremony in a lush garden redolent with flowers reception tables adorned with illuminated centerpieces for high impact drama? If it’s on your wishlist, Jerry and his expert team will work their creative inventiveness for you.

Every Jerry Rose Wedding is designed with a true designer’s eye. Jerry develops a design concept that truly expresses your vision. Every aspect is considered; the mood a color can create, the inviting feel of special lighting, a custom backdrop and, of course, the perfect floral décor for a breathtaking touch of excitement.

Creating your dream

Your wedding is a magical day that celebrates your commitment to one another. We will help you bring your vision to life. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thank you.