Plaza Wedding

A little girl grew up dreaming of the most incredible fairy tale wedding. To make that happen, the venue had to be a setting as renowned as the Plaza Hotel with its fabled Central Park location and legendary history of elegance. Jerry Rose and his team of artisans used the grand architecture of Saint Monica’s Church and the Plaza Hotel as a canvas for creative inspiration, transforming these two environments into an experience.

At the ceremony, guests were met outside the church with dramatic floral arrangements in urns and cascading ivy draping the steps. The interior was redolent with roses, Casablanca lilies and orchids, along with shapely topiaries. Each pew was dressed in custom lace and satin ties, adorned with white roses. A custom runner was emblazoned with a shield that bore the initials of the bride and groom. And, the bride’s orchid bouquet was beribboned in creamy satin with an ancestral rosary.

Jerry conceived and choreographed a wedding reception whose artistic design components rivalled the beauty of the flowers. The scope of his vision was brought to life with dramatic lighting in shades of gold and amber, which became an integral part of the ambience.

For the tables, Jerry designed sequined cloths, custom gold edge napkins and added red glass goblets that refracted the light with just the right pop of colour. A laser cut gold mirrored tabletop for the escort cards was dressed with glittering vases, holding luscious white roses and a sea of miniature twinkling candles atop the table. Each of these design elements came together to enhance the grandeur of the room. Adding to the effect, Jerry introduced photo mapping, a first at The Plaza, where ornately framed images of the family were projected on the wall of the staircase leading to the Ballroom foyer.

Recognized for his artistic use of flowers, evoking their sensual beauty, Jerry used twenty thousand white, blush and cream roses, stephanotis, orchids and assorted greenery throughout the reception to recreate the feeling of an Italian Palazzo.

The magnificent marble fountain was draped in balls of flowers with cascading ivy. Dinner tables were set with towering centrepieces that fused the beauty of roses embellished with ivy. Topiary trees laced with three shades of roses added to the pastoral effect and ledges glowed with glass hurricanes and pillar candles.

While this was a most elaborate wedding with a major conceptual vision, Jerry Rose addresses all of the thoughtful details that contribute to making each event, no matter the size, totally unique and unforgettable.